Friday, June 7, 2013

Children's Park, India Gate, New Delhi

I have been wondering for long about the places we take our family for outing in Delhi. Particularly when its question for kids outing, they don't like visiting busy markets like Lajpat Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, Cannaught Place, Khan Market, Karol Bagh etc. So I decided to explore the places for short outing and where we get playful and healthy atmosphere.

I started with Children's Park which is located in campus of India Gate. 
I get up at 5 A.M. morning and reached their with my daughter Sheeza. at 5:40 AM.
I know this is early morning hour, but my daughter is fond of morning walk and play as I am :).
At Gate No. 1 entrance their is notice board about the timings and caution while in the park. 

Park timings : 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM in summer and 5:30 PM in winters.Park is closed on Monday.
Entry : Free for All
Key Attraction : Swings, Seasaws, Slides, Kids Playware, Climbing frames, Rockers, Wheels, Playcenters, Slide climbers, Activity gym, Wavy slides, Tyre swings, Bridge Climb and a beutiful landscape garden.

But thanks for DDA that they keep it open for joggers and morning walkers in early morning hours as well.

In seconds after entering the park Sheeza cried wow lot of swings. And to my surprise there were lot of swings free. I did not count but I guess there are more than 2 dozen rope swings.
They are good and strong, as I saw many parents also enjoying it :)
(I personally request grown ups not to use swings and play wares in Children's Park as they are meant for kids and we should keep these in good condition for youngsters.)

I like Children's Park, India Gate because it has half dozen play-sets, which can be used by more than 100 kids at a time. These play-sets are multiple activity sets which includes wavy sliders, climbers, rockers, swings in each sets. So kids keep on playing and running up and down. Sheeza enjoy these a lot.

Here is couple of more play centers in Children's Park, India G
This children park is having many climbing option, which fills kids with confidence along with strong hands.
It's good place for people who like to have some fun time with green landscapes. I personally like this in morning. But any time is okay as there are many big tree in this park and we stay cool inside. The park is having toilet complex as well for gents and ladies. Children's Park, India Gate is something we keep on top of the list when we plan for half day outing along with kids. Here some beutiful landscape pics of Children's Park.

Let's breath some fresh air...


  1. Loved your post. Best things in life comes for free if we have courage to search for it.

  2. The board says please do not bring food items but I was planning to have a pizza party here along with a family picnic! Need to find a different place..

    Thanks for your review though :)

  3. When I wrote this post, I was expecting some feedback. I waited for longer. But found no one cares about things like this. So I stopped writing. Today I happened to revisit this post and found that there are people who cares.

    Comments from all of you inspires me. Thanks guys

  4. Thank you ao much for the post. I am going to take my 5 year old niece this Saturday. I was fun reading about the lovely details with the photographs

  5. Thank u very much for the post ,it was helpful

  6. Thank u very much for the post ,it was helpful

  7. today am going here with hubby and daugher..

  8. Thank you so much for your comment. i am so excited to visit this place with my daughters.

  9. Thank you for the details review. I have seen the park from outside many a times but didn't know whether it's worth going. Now I can take my two year old son to have fun here. I do not want to confine my baby to malls only.

  10. Thanks for the exact information please mention other places also which u find useful for kids in Delhi NCR.

  11. Thank u for the useful information.Now I can visit there with my son and daughter .

  12. Can u tell that is boating done here ??

  13. this is very good source of entertainment for kids